Colonial Solutions provides expert power system design support that helps assure the most efficient and cost effective design for power distribution, controls and energy efficiency.  Our team has more than 100 years of combined experience in power systems development, planning and implementation with a track record of success in diverse industries including mission critical, pharma, marine, petro-chemical, water-wastewater and more. 

Trust Colonial Solutions for:

Power System “Single-Line” Development Support

From day one of design inception, Colonial will recommend the best electrical components and manufacturers to meet application requirements.

Project Budgeting/Cost Analysis (Electrical Subsystems)

With extensive knowledge of power system costs and an understanding of the importance of accurate financial planning, Colonial can assist in the development of the electrical budget.  By providing support early in the design process, Colonial helps assure timeliness and accuracy, while minimizing the potential for cost overruns.

Defined, Accurate Bill of Material

Today’s electrical systems are more extensive and complex than ever.  As specialists in power systems, Colonial Solutions knows how to develop an exact bill of material, ensuring that all bidders provide the right system of components and start-up services with their proposal.  Colonial’s expertise saves time in de-scope, minimizes the likelihood of change-orders and reduces risk to the project schedule and budget.  Our clients benefit from an accurate, more streamlined process delivered at a lower cost.

Equipment Space Design and Layout

Colonial Solutions can help balance the equipment selected with the available space, whether for an indoor electrical closet or a massive outdoor substation.  Our support maximizes the utilization of expensive real estate, while delivering the optimum power system.